About Robert Davis

Robert DavisFor more than 30 years, Robert Davis has been at the forefront of Evolutionary Entrepreneurship. In 1979, he developed the first tofu hot dog, Light Links. A serial entrepreneur with a passion for natural foods, he has created and grown an array of natural food companies, revolutionizing the industry with many “first” products, including:

  • The first hemp ice cream – Tempt
  • The first organic, soy and rice ice cream – Believe
  • The first hemp cheese – HempRella
  • One of the first full natural dye organic cotton and hemp clothing companies – Savin Grace
  • Designed the first self sufficient Soyfoods prototype production facility incorporating Living Machines, Solar, Wind, and Bio gas (Methane) energy systems

Robert holds an MA in Planetary Development (Cosmogenesis, Anthropogenesis and Spiritual Evolution) from Goddard College.

Contact Information

866.588.8070 or email sun@whidbey.com.

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