Natural Food Design

Robert Davis and New Edge Systems brings over 30 years of experience and cutting edge food design expertise to your project. Having initiated many of today’s food trends personally, Robert understands trends and how to develop products in line with the market  for optimum results.

Companies around the world look to Robert to design innovative natural foods systems.

Tempt Hemp Products

Robert designed the Tempt brand of hemp foods, and advanced hemp production technology.

“Robert Davis is one of the most experienced and prolific product developers in the natural foods industry. For decades, he has been helping companies launch successful and enduring natural products that are unmatched in nutrition, flavor, texture, integrity, and sustainability.”
 ~ Sat Khalsa, President, Cascade Fresh and Amande yogurts

Market successes:

  • The first mass-market almond yogurt – Amande
  • The first hemp ice cream – Tempt
  • The first organic, soy and rice ice cream – Believe
  • The first hemp cheese – HempRella
  • One of the first full natural dye organic cotton and hemp clothing companies –Savin Grace
  • Designed the first self sufficient Soyfoods prototype production facility incorporating Living Machines, Solar, Wind, and Bio gas (Methane) energy systems.
Amande Yogurt

Robert designed the first mass-market almond yogurt for Cascade Fresh.


  • Vertical system design and support from conception through product launch.
  • Organic and Sustainable Food development expertise.
  • Paradigm-bridging solutions for companies who understand that change can be  addressed proactively and qualitatively.
  • Robert creates a positive business culture knowing that a positive business culture is one of the keys to being a successful business during these rapidly changing markets.
  • Single solution Research and Development solution.

Robert offers a free consultation to discuss your business needs and how he can most effectively serve and qualitatively respond to your business challenges with unique timely solutions.

“It was a great experience to develop our new line of products with Robert Davis. His depth of understanding and commitment to quality, comprehensive overview of innovative and nutritious ingredients, his sympathy for biodynamics and Flowforms, his ability to cooperate with flexibility and trust and most importantly the excellent results of his work: delicious, magical and health-giving products, gave us the conviction that we wanted to work with him over the long term”.
~Susanne and Torodd Lien, Co-Founders, Graindrops